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Amanda Z

​Emma is the main reason my birth plan actually went to plan. She was my strength and support when I didn’t think I had anything left to give. She was a magical fairy that changed the hospital room into a calm oxytocin pumping environment. She has this magical massage tool for your back that I swear I will name my next child after. She knew what I needed before I even had to speak. Actually I’m pretty sure I didn’t speak the whole time. I honestly didn’t truly understand the impact of what a Doula would have on my birth experience, but hot damn I’m so glad I had Emma.

 Krystal M

We hired Emma as our doula for the birth of our first daughter.  We were so incredibly happy with that decision!  Emma was there for us as we were preparing for delivery and helped us create our birth plan.  Emma was at the birth of another client when we went into labor, but she had a wonderful back up doula all ready to go.  Thankfully Emma was able to meet us at the hospital after she was done with her first client and stayed with us until right after our daughter was born.  Our labor and delivery did not go as planned due to the positioning of the baby.  Emma helped us make tough decisions during labor and was a calming presence for both myself and my husband.  She stood up for me when the delivering OB wanted to perform an episiotomy because she knew that was something I desperately wanted to avoid!  I was able to push my daughter out after a couple more pushes and had minimal tearing.  My husband and I looked at each other after Emma left and we agreed that her services were worth every penny!!  We highly recommend Emma!

 Alex W

When we met Emma we knew right away that we wanted to hire her.   She has very trusting eyes and is easy to talk to.  We never felt rushed when talking to her.   This enabled us to take our time with questions we had as well as think out loud and have her guide us in our decision making.   Emma met with us at our home pre-labor as a "check in" and went through relaxation techniques.  She showed us hand and foot massages and helped us make our birth plan.   

What makes Emma so special and unique to us as a doula is specifically in how she approached us as her clients.   She used verbiage such as "it sounds like what you are saying is."   We appreciated this because as first time parents we didn't know what questions to ask or what to expect in labor.   Emma was also available 24/7 to answer our calls and texts.   This may seem like a standard thing for doulas, but for Emma she would respond very quickly and this was something we really valued.

When it came time to our actual birth experience, when my husband reached out to Emma she had just left another birth.   This did not inhibit her from making time to check in with us every hour.   Emma used essential oils at our house and put on some music as she started coaching me through each contraction.   She also suggested a walk and taking a bath.   Emma never took the focus and attention off of us as her clients.   She used different techniques for counter pressure that worked well for me and in times when she knew I just needed by husband she would quietly stand nearby to make sure everything was okay.   

Post birth, Emma encapsulated my placenta as well as made smoothies and truffles.   They are the best truffles I have ever had!  I cant speak more highly of this amazing woman.   If you’re considering hiring a doula for your birth look no further than Emma.   She is the best of the best and will provide everything you could need for a peaceful birth experience.

Ashley H

Emma is such a sweetheart! Her service is swift and her products are super helpful! She encapsulated my placenta, gave me a beautiful placenta print, and made me placenta tinctures! I got one for myself and one for my daughter for when she gets older. I cannot wait to see her again at The Cleveland Birth Expo! I would recommend to Emma's services to anyone. She picked up My Placenta and brought me back the finished product quickly!

Giselle R

As a perfectly average pregnant lady in her late twenties, did I initially think the luxury of a birth doula was a tad boujee and only sought one out at the suggestion of my midwife? Yes. Was I ultimately humbled by how difficult birth was for me and how heavily I relied on my birth doula to keep me grounded? Also yes. As first-time parents, my husband and I planned to give birth at home and I can honestly say that the ONLY reason we were successful is thanks to our amazing birth team. Despite living almost an hour away, Emma made it to our house in record time after my husband called to let her know I was in labor. As I was laying on the floor in our hallway screaming that I would never survive the painful contractions, I could see the relief wash over my husband’s face the second Emma walked through the door. She immediately got to work massaging me through EVERY SINGLE contraction and helped me focus on breathing and staying calm so I wouldn’t spiral out of control into a frenzied blob of panic. In between contractions, she was right there holding up my water bottle to sip from, and snacks to keep my energy up. She endlessly covered, uncovered, and re-covered me with blankets every time I got cold and then hot and then cold again. Emma was a much-needed hand to squeeze and face to focus on. Every time I screamed that there was no way this pain was right and that something HAD to be wrong, she calmly reassured me that this was (unfortunately) completely normal. Emma somehow also managed to snap some of the most beautiful pictures of the entire experience for us to later look back on. After our beautiful baby boy was born, Emma and our midwife made themselves scarce (cleaning up the bloody explosion of birth) giving our new family of three some privacy to bond. Afterwards, Emma showed my husband how to harvest the placenta into postpartum smoothies, helped me figure out how to use the bathroom (yes, this once simple task needed re-learning), and got me and baby started on breastfeeding. Having Emma as part of our birth team helped both my husband and I stay calm and confident during labor. We are so grateful to her for helping us achieve a positive birth experience. I 110% recommend Emma as a birth doula and wouldn’t dare venture into labor without her by my side.

Aubrey H

I had Emma as my doula for my hospital based birth and she was so supportive. My husband and I were hesitant wondering if a doula was truly necessary and I can attest it definitely was! Emma provides support on how to advocate for yourself, talk through options, and decide what's best for your family. When I got to the hospital and saw Emma there ready for me I was so relieved. During my labor she was getting me water, putting up a fan, and fixing my hair. It's like she knew what I needed when I didn't. If you're considering a doula, I can't tell you how much you'll LOVE it. I'll be hiring her for my next birth for sure!

Bailey L

Emma was our doula during our second daughters birth. It was our first home birth experience and it couldn’t have been more seamless. Things moved quickly and were happening fast, I was getting nervous and doubtful in my ability to birth our daughter at home but then Emma arrived. She provided a calm presence and reassurance immediately. She was amazing with afterbirth and made placenta smoothies and capsules for us that she brought over the next day along with a beautiful keepsake print. The smoothies tasted great and the capsules are going down just fine. My milk came in on day 2 and emotionally physically and mentally I’ve been feeling really well which may be attributed to the overall birth experience but the placenta consumption too.

Danielle S

My husband and I are so incredibly grateful for Emma. We never could have had the birth we wanted without her. She became our doula at 38 weeks when we had to make the devastating decision to switch from a home birth to a c section. Emma was with us every step of the way - in the OR and all! She helped us advocate for all the things that were important to us and helped us understand what to expect which made things much easier. We were able to relax and soak in the experience of our daughter being born while Emma took care of the hard stuff. I could not recommend her enough!

Emily B

Emma was an amazing addition to my birth team and I couldn't be happier that she was a part of it. From the moment she arrived I was comfortable with her, She was a calm caring presence. When my surges overtook me she was right there to ground and center me. She helped instruct me through more productive pushes, and had an amazing intuitive sense of exactly what my body needed without me even knowing!!! She was very doting after delivery on both me and dad so we could just enjoy time with baby. She took lots of wonderful pictures I will cherish forever. 

She encapsulated my placenta and did a print for me after the birth. She had the capsules back to me the next day!! I didn't realize all the benefits of encapsulation. I notice the increased energy and feelings of calm contentment. Allowing me to enjoy my new baby even more. Emma was an amazing asset to my birth and can't thank her enough for all she has done to make my birth experience so wonderful.

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