Placenta Encapsulation


 The Benefits

-Can prevent & lessen the risk of postpartum depression


-Replenishes iron through hemoglobin hormone & helps prevent postpartum anemia, increasing energy & decreasing fatigue/depression


-Contains oxytocin which decreases pain naturally, is produced during breastfeeding to increase bonding, counteracts the production of stress hormones, & gives a euphoric feeling


-Provides human placental lactogen (HPL) hormone to stimulate prolactin, which establishes healthy milk supply & regulates maternal glucose, protein, & fat levels for fetus


-Replenishes estrogen, progesterone, & testosterone which help with mammary gland development for lactation, stabilizes mood


-Replenishes interferon hormone which stimulates the immune system to help prevent infection and bleeding


-Contains prostaglandins which act as an inflammatory, regulating contractions in the uterus & helping uterus return to size


-Contains cortisone which combats stress & unlocks energy stores


-Replenishes B vitamins & energy used in labor

The Process

Taking the placenta & steaming or dehydrating it to the point it is able to be turned into powder form.  From there the powder can be made into capsules, tinctures, salves, & many other forms for consumption,  to aid in the postpartum period.  I make the process super easy by picking up from your birthing location and then returning your finished products to you.


Emma went above & beyond my expectations!

She came within hours after the birth of my baby boy & returned the same evening with a beautiful package of placenta pills, keepsake cord, & placenta print!  I wasn't sure if I cared for the keepsakes, but I'm glad I have them now that I've seen them! Very unique & special part of my little boy's beginning! She is very knowledgeable, professional, & friendly! She stayed to chat in the late hours of the evening to answer my questions. She felt like a friend, but I had just met her! I am so glad I found Emma & would recommend her to everyone interested in these services. 



Placenta Lab

All placenta handling is done in a NSF certified placenta lab solely dedicated to the placenta processes. 

This makes for a clean & safe environment for your placenta to best benefit you.  


Placenta Capsules 

Choose your preparation method.  Includes capsules, and complimentary placenta print, & cord keepsake.


Placenta Prints

Capture the unique fingerprint of your placenta on watercolor paper.  Choose natural or any variety of colors. 

Complimentary will all services.

$75 if not encapsulating, but wanting  a print, includes a cord keepsake.

Cord Keepsakes

Choose a heart, infinity loop, or any other special way to keep the connection between you and baby forever. 

Complimentary with all services.



Placenta is fermented in alcohol & turned into liquid form.  Used in times of trauma, transition, emotional distress, menstruation & menopause. Great for headaches, milk supply, cramps, insomnia, muscle cramps, & reduced libido.  Can be saved for daughter’s menstruation & for teething, stress, & immune boost for baby.




Most beneficial immediately postpartum to help with postpartum bleeding & increased energy.  Choose berry, tropical, green, or strawberry banana.

$35 for 3



Some of the placenta powder is infused into a high quality salve base.  Used for: cesarean scars, perineal tears, itching, hemorrhoids, burns, eczema, sunburn, diaper rash, & as a general healing & skin-care salve for mother, baby, and family. 

To be used externally only.



Chocolate Truffles

Great for freezing & for those that do not do well will taking pills.  Choose between milk or dark.

$30 a batch


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